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Featured Bond, 12/2: Metro Pier and Exposition Authority (Illinois) to issue $923 Million in Refunding Bonds

by Robert Crump The Metro Pier and Exposition Authority (the Authority) is scheduled to issue $923,210,000 in Refunding Bonds in order to refinance its debt on outstanding bonds. The negotiated sale is planned for sale on December 4th with Goldman Sachs and Morgan...

Study Examines Municipal Audit Turnaround Time

How long does it take for municipal entities to produce annual audit reports?

Federal Stimulus Package: Implications for States and Municipalities

A compilation of the best resources for information about how the stimulus bill will affect states and local governments

How the Muni Bond Experts Use the Internet

We recently polled members of the MuniNet Guide & Review Editorial Advisory Board - a group comprised of professionals who work in local government and municipal research - to see how they use the Internet to get the information they need to do their jobs....

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