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Featured Bond, 12/2: Metro Pier and Exposition Authority (Illinois) to issue $923 Million in Refunding Bonds

by Robert Crump The Metro Pier and Exposition Authority (the Authority) is scheduled to issue $923,210,000 in Refunding Bonds in order to refinance its debt on outstanding bonds. The negotiated sale is planned for sale on December 4th with Goldman Sachs and Morgan...

Premium Service Lets Users Search and Compare Municipal Ordinances Across State

Expanded search capabilities offered by Municipal Code Corporation allow for simultaneous searching through all (or some) codes and ordinances in a given state. This service makes it convenient to find the norm and/or compare one municipality’s zoning laws, for example, with another’s – a tool that can come in handy when developing or revising local ordinances.

Brookings Study Examines Representative Governance Issues of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Do metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) fairly represent the populations they serve? A study released this month by the Brookings Institution examines whether the interests of the general population are represented by MPOs, whose members are usually appointed rather than elected, in 50 large metro areas across the country.

U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has a wealth of information about the demographics of the United States at U.S. Census Factfinder. Visitors to the U.S. Census website can find data about hundreds of demographic factors and trends, such as population density, marital status,...

Peirce Sees Internet in Future of Municipalities and ’Citistates’

Neal Peirce has reported on state and local government since 1975 in his syndicated newspaper column. He has written several books, including “Citistates,” which was co-authored by Curtis Johnson. The 1993 book has spawned an organization called the Citistates Group....

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