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Proposed Universal Preschool Program in California Sparks Cost? Benefit Debate Among Public Policy Think Tanks

California voters will be asked to approve a $2.4 billion universal preschool initiative on the ballot this June. The Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank group, recently published a policy brief contending that the per-pupil cost of this proposal is too high, and that the state would be better off redistributing funds already designates for preschool programs.

Brookings Study Examines Representative Governance Issues of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Do metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) fairly represent the populations they serve? A study released this month by the Brookings Institution examines whether the interests of the general population are represented by MPOs, whose members are usually appointed rather than elected, in 50 large metro areas across the country.

Peirce Sees Internet in Future of Municipalities and ’Citistates’

Neal Peirce has reported on state and local government since 1975 in his syndicated newspaper column. He has written several books, including “Citistates,” which was co-authored by Curtis Johnson. The 1993 book has spawned an organization called the Citistates Group....

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