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Fiscal Year 2017 Municipal Bond Audit Times Are Still Too Slow

Municipal Bond Audit Times Show Slight Improvement Since 2015 But Most Still Late to the Table  --  The County, State and City Sectors are the Least Timely By Richard A. Ciccarone Municipal bond analysts and investors are accustomed to waiting a lot longer for...

Where are the Jobs? State Unemployment Performance in 2015

by Jeffrey L Garceau The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released their 2015 survey report of state employment figures. This survey serves to report unemployment figures for each state plus the District of Columbia, as well as employment-population ratios. MuniNet...

Federal Stimulus Package: Implications for States and Municipalities

A compilation of the best resources for information about how the stimulus bill will affect states and local governments

Rockefeller Institute Says State Finances in Best Shape Since 2001

The Rockefeller Institute reports that state finances were in better shape in 2005 than in recent years thanks to a healthier overall economy. The Institute’s annual fiscal survey showed that eleven states adjusted their tax levels, with seven actually reducing taxes.

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