Puerto Rico is one of the largest municipal bond issuers in the market. Its debt is widely held because of its double-barreled tax exemption from both state and federal taxes.

For municipal bond investors seeking a comprehensive resource for information – in English – pertaining to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s bond issues, the wait is over.

The Government Development Bank (GDB) of Puerto Rico, the “fiscal agent and financial advisor” for the Commonwealth, is the interface with the municipal market for the Commonwealth’s indebtedness. The GDB recently introduced a new, enhanced version of its web site that includes more information in a format that makes it easy for visitors to locate specific information.

The “Investor Resources” section of the site is particularly impressive, offering access to official statements, credit ratings, and financial statements for tax-exempt bonds issued by Commonwealth agencies. It also includes “Fiscal Update,” periodic news and information pertaining to Puerto Rico’s economy and finances.

The web site also features an array of data in its “Economy” section, including an Economic Indicator time series that provides labor, trade, tourism, and transportation statistics, among others.

The Government Development Bank provides financing tools for its infrastructure, housing, education and other municipal-related projects for the Commonwealth and its agencies.