California has had more than its share of fiscal woes over the past few years. While trying to restore its financial position since 2002, the state’s budget has remained stressed. But, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, $11.3 billion in April 2006 income tax collections meant a record month for state revenues – and that’s good news for a change!

A snapshot of the state’s financial condition is published monthly on the California Department of Finance web site. These Finance Bulletins summarize the state’s economy, finances, and budget issues, along with the month’s highlights and lowlights – from housing statistics to exporting trends and cash reports.

For more information on the state’s budget and finances … The California State Treasurer’s Office features many helpful tools on its web site, including a ticker showing the state’s current budget figure. Its Public Finance Division section, in particular, is a model site for providing disclosure information.

Improvement to reduce the state’s structural budget deficit has been helped by the better economy, but still remains.