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The Center for Municipal Finance at The University of Chicago is please to host the archive of MuniNet Guide, a leading source of research on state and local government finance.


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Introduced in March 1997 as a subscription-based, monthly print newsletter, MuniNet Guide & Review was originally designed to help state and local governments and the municipal finance community navigate the then-uncharted territory of the Internet. Its early focus was on guiding users to relevant, reputable online resources, as well as highlighting elements of a quality municipal or government-related website.

The website was launched in late 1999, at which time it became available to the public free of charge. Its tagline, “your hub for municipal-related research” guided its evolution over the next 20+ years, as it became a valuable resource for an increasingly wider audience, including citizens, students, researchers and other civic-minded groups and individuals.

With a heavy accent on municipal finance, MuniNet Guide provided cutting-edge, difficult-to-locate articles and commentary on the municipal bond market, state and local government issuers, fiscal distress, public pensions and municipal bankruptcy.

The History of MuniNet Guide

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MuniNet Guide Featured Articles

Not All Cities Have A Pension Problem

By Richard A. Ciccarone,  President & CEO of Merritt Research Services, LLC and Co-Owner of MUNINET, LLC The Top 21% of Cities With High Pension Funding Levels Deserve Attention and Usually Praise With so much well-deserved negative attention focused on cities...

Worried About Public Pensions? Counties Often Have Lower Burdens

Counties Often Underappreciated Despite Generally Improving Fund Balances and Lower Debt and Pension Liabilities By Richard A. Ciccarone County governments are generally a good place to start your search for governments with positive financial conditions as well as...

Fiscal Year 2017 Municipal Bond Audit Times Are Still Too Slow

Municipal Bond Audit Times Show Slight Improvement Since 2015 But Most Still Late to the Table  --  The County, State and City Sectors are the Least Timely By Richard A. Ciccarone Municipal bond analysts and investors are accustomed to waiting a lot longer for...

Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy Statistics: Use by Number, Type and Year

Historically, the use of Chapter 9 bankruptcy by a municipality is still rare, and a last resort. MuniNet Guide's update on historical and current municipal bankruptcy statistics We are providing an update on our 2015 piece on municipal bankruptcy statistics. One of...

U.S. State Crime Rates – Comparing Types of Crimes Across the States

Report - U.S. State Crime Rates by Type for All 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico This report gives researchers and citizens an opportunity to look at U.S. state crime rates, what crimes are being committed and in what frequency, for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and...

Aging Infrastructure Is a Problem, From Any Point of View

Accounting Approach Shows Aging Infrastructure Kicks Additional Costs to the Future Validating the Aging Infrastructure Problem from the Engineer’s Point of View There are few public-minded cities and governmental officials that are unaware of America’s recent habit...