Month: February 2006

Premium Service Lets Users Search and Compare Municipal Ordinances Across State

Expanded search capabilities offered by Municipal Code Corporation allow for simultaneous searching through all (or some) codes and ordinances in a given state. This service makes it convenient to find the norm and/or compare one municipality’s zoning laws, for example, with another’s – a tool that can come in handy when developing or revising local ordinances.

Proposed Universal Preschool Program in California Sparks Cost? Benefit Debate Among Public Policy Think Tanks

California voters will be asked to approve a $2.4 billion universal preschool initiative on the ballot this June. The Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank group, recently published a policy brief contending that the per-pupil cost of this proposal is too high, and that the state would be better off redistributing funds already designates for preschool programs.

“Big Dig” Spurs Economic Development in Boston

One of the biggest infrastructure financing deals in the U.S., the “Big Dig” – recently completed after 14 years of construction – is fueling economic development and revitalization in and around Boston. The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority recently released a comprehensive report detailing the impact of the project on the area’s transportation and economy.

Striving for Online Excellence – Part 1: Function

Increasing government accountability, educating citizens, and providing financial disclosure are among the key functions of today’s best municipal web sites. This first installment in MuniNet Guide’s “Striving for Online Excellence” three-part series examines these and other objectives of top-notch state, county and local government sites.

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