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Striving for Online Excellence – Part 1: Function

Increasing government accountability, educating citizens, and providing financial disclosure are among the key functions of today’s best municipal web sites. This first installment in MuniNet Guide’s “Striving for Online Excellence” three-part series examines these and other objectives of top-notch state, county and local government sites.

Muni Web Sites Can Help Promote Positive Social Change

From promoting art awareness to preventing drunk driving, the Ad Council has been creating public service advertisements designed to elicit positive social change since 1942. The Ad Council recently introduced five new public service campaigns (see Sidebar for...

Peirce Sees Internet in Future of Municipalities and ’Citistates’

Neal Peirce has reported on state and local government since 1975 in his syndicated newspaper column. He has written several books, including “Citistates,” which was co-authored by Curtis Johnson. The 1993 book has spawned an organization called the Citistates Group....

Foundation Advocates Privacy Policies on Municipal Web Sites

The majority of municipal web sites in Illinois lack clear privacy policy statements, according to a recent report by the Gryphon Foundation, a non-profit public interest group supported by a state grant. The report is based on findings from a survey that examined web...

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