The State of Wisconsin is scheduled to issue $621,980,000 in General Fund Annual Appropriations Refunding Bonds the week of October 28th. The negotiated sale has Citigroup and Barclays as its principal underwriters.

About the Bonds

Proceeds from the bond issuance will refund all or a portion of the State’s current General Appropriation Fund bond issuance from 2008. The bonds are secured by a continuing authority of the State Legislature to provide for a specific annual appropriation.

In the opinion of Bond Counsel, interest on the Bonds is included in gross income for federal income tax purposes. Interest on the Bonds is not exempt from current Wisconsin income or franchise taxes. Fitch has given this bond issuance a rating of AA, while Moody’s has granted a rating of Aa2.

State of Wisconsin

State budgets can change with new political realities. Unlike General Obligation Bonds, these Bonds are not a stable and prioritized vector of State revenues. The State Legislature’s  framework for a legal backing for its annual appropriation  bonds is significantly supportive but does not provide conclusive evidence in  support  of a judicial determination that a payment is legally required.

Despite the unsecured status of the security for these bonds, these General Fund Refunding Bonds received only a slightly lower rating from Moody’s. This would seem to indicate that Wisconsin has a good track record of repaying their creditors. Wisconsin has a well-funded pension system and overall strong economic health.

Snapshot of the State finances as of FY 2018 ending on June 30th 2018.

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