The Urban Institute and the National League of Cities, with funding from The MacArthur Foundation, are bringing together thought leaders in Washington D.C. on September 8 to discuss city fiscal management in their conference, City Economic and Fiscal Resilience: How can we measure it? How can we improve it?

City finances have been improving overall in recent years, but there are still glaringly distressed city governments and the recent improvement comes off the Great Recession, which led to the largest declines in local government revenues ever recorded. Struggling cities suffer from underfunded pensions, infrastructure backlogs, and in some cases still-declining economic and population declines. Even healthy cities are in an era of political contentiousness that can make budgeting difficult despite healthy revenues.

This conference explores research that can provide options to policy makers looking to make city finances more resilient to the economic, demographic, and technological changes of the future. Registration is free and open to the public. Click here to register and find out more.