Fort Collins’ Website Gets Residents Where They Want To Go Quickly and Easily

MuniNet brings back Top Pick features when it sees a website that is truly noteworthy. The city of Fort Collins deserves recognition for their exemplary city government website. Fort Collins manages to combine a great amount of marketing and government information on their home page, in a way that never feels cluttered. They do the job of a municipal government and chamber of commerce before having to make a single click.

The home page begins with a series of links categorized intuitively, rather than just by subject matter: Trending, Most Popular, View/Find, and Activities. A majority of visitors can likely click through to the page they want directly from this list without having to explore further. The home page also includes recent news, weather, press releases, and a calendar of upcoming events. Below these are the City’s excellent multimedia and social media posts on YouTube, Twitter, and Photostream (Flickr), which are updated frequently.

Of all the pages on the website, you should check out the Budget Overview and Budgeting For Outcomes pages whether you are a resident or not. Budgeting For Outcomes explains the what, why, and how of outcome based budgeting in plain language, and the Budget Overview page sets the bar for participatory budgeting. Residents (only) can submit their own itemized budget to let the government know how they would like their money spent, and the site includes a tutorial video and FAQs on the efficacy of the process. Only residents can submit budgets, but anyone can play around with their budgeting tool, created by Balancing Act.

You can find population and household demographics, and inks to websites relevant to Fort Collins here. MuniNet also provides employment data for the Fort Collins Metropolitan Statistical area. You can search for jobs in and around Fort Collins here.

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by Jeffrey L Garceau