MuniNet’s featured conference is the Chicago Forum on Global Cities, being put on by The Financial Times and the Chicago Forum on Global Affairs, June 1-3 2016, in Chicago, IL. Open to public registration, this event will bring together government, non-profit, and private leadership, as well as artists and scholars, to focus on how global cities have and continue to tackle issues like financial crises, crumbling infrastructure, and global security.

Some of the programs include:
  • The Power and Limitations of Global Cities – What problems can global cities solve that countries can’t?
  • Win or Lose? Investing in High-Profile Events – High profile events, sports, and tourism can raise a global city’s international profile. Is the significant investment of financial and political capital beneficial, and why have some efforts failed?
  • Financing the Global City – How should global cities finance the infrastructure and amenities needed to compete in a globalizing world without pricing people out of the city? How should business, universities, and other nongovernmental institutions build public-private partnerships?
  • The Inclusive City – Global cities are home to ethnically, racially, and demographically diverse populations. Can they define a new global tolerance?

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