Month: July 2013

Price Discovery Challenges in the Muni Market

Market Outlook This is certainly not the kind of week that bond traders want to step in front of: between the monthly meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (affectionately dubbed the “Federal Open Mouth Committee” by some of our friends in the business) and...

After Detroit, Is Chicago Next?

Market Outlook Just when we thought 10-year Treasuries had found some degree of support around the 2.50% level, fresh new supply and hints of economic stabilization in Europe have brought on renewed weakness this week. Traders are also starting to focus on the July...

Post-Detroit Muni Market Looking for Direction

Market Outlook With his remarks at last week’s Congressional hearings, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke finally accomplished what he could not back in June: convince global financial markets that tapering is not the same as tightening and that any tapering...

Which U.S. Cities Boast the Best Hospitals?

Detroit is getting a lot of negative press lately.  But here’s a bright spot for the Motor City:  It is one of five cities deemed to be home to the greatest number of top hospitals in the nation, according to the 2013-14 U.S. News & World Report...

Kate’s Baby Upstaged by Detroit Bankruptcy

Detroit has replaced Jefferson County, Alabama as the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history to date. The filing follows a month of intense negotiations with various classes of creditors. Of course, just because Motown wants to declare bankruptcy doesn’t mean it automatically can.

A Grand Debut for the Year’s Largest Muni Deal

With temperatures rising across the nation, the municipal market too is heating up. This week’s muni new issue calendar is expected to top $9.65 billion of new volume … Accounting for much of that supply is a $2.9 billion deal from the Grand Parkway Transportation Corp in Texas

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