The consensus is in: Information related to election results can be overwhelming.

This year’s mid-term elections included highly contested gubernatorial races in several states, as well as a plethora of Congressional elections with the potential to shift the balance of party control in Congress. In addition, “voters in 37 states considered a total of 160 statewide ballot measures on November 2,” according to the National Council for State Legislatures.

We scanned the web to bring you a list of our favorite online resources for this year’s mid-term election coverage. These sites provide clear and comprehensive reporting of this year’s election results, including which ballot measures were approved by voters and which were rejected.

  • National Council for State Legislatures is one of our all-time, ongoing favorite websites for election coverage. Interactive maps display party control of state legislatures and governors, as well as the number of ballot initiatives and legislative referenda by state. (Note: On Friday, November 5, NCSL will hold a webinar at 1:00 p.m. ET entitled State Vote 2010 Wrap-Up Webinar. Experts tracking state legislative elections and ballot initiatives will provide a detailed analysis of election results. Registration is required, and there is a nominal fee to participate.)
  • CNN’s Election Center also provides superb coverage of Senate, House, and gubernatorial races, as well as ballot measures by state.
  • New York Times Election 2010 includes succinct state-by-state snapshots including the outcomes of political races as well as ballot measures by state. Use the site’s pull-down menu to access coverage for each state.
  • publishes an ongoing and ever-growing collection of articles related to election results, as well as a comprehensive, well-organized guide to ballot measures by state and topic.

The following resources provide insightful analyses of the impact of several ballot measures in this year’s mid-year elections:

  • National Council for State Legislatures “Prop. 50” blog provides analysis of and commentary on the results of this year’s ballot initiatives. Two entries in particular – “Even tougher budget year ahead in some states” and “No new revenue for you” – address the fiscal implication of this year’s ballot initiatives.