MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar is a compilation of upcoming and recent bond issues selling in the tax-exempt and taxable bond markets. Serving as a portal through which visitors can conveniently access information about bond issues coming to market, the Calendar is divided into three sections: Negotiated Sales, Competitive Sales, and Taxable and Build America Bonds.  It includes date of issuance, amount of offering, and direct links to respective issuers’ websites.

In an effort to make it easier to find municipal bonds issued in a given state, MuniNet Guide recently enhanced its Municipal Bond Calendar.

A state link has been added in a new column to the right of each issue. Visitors can click on the link to see a list of bond sales specific to issuers within that state, including the state itself; county and local governments; government agencies; and other public sector authorities such as school districts, airports, housing agencies, and more.

Upcoming and recent bond sales are also posted on each state’s page on MuniNet Guide. To access information for a specific state, click on that state either on the map in the center of MuniNet Guide’s home page, or on the alphabetical list of states to the left of the map. Bond sales appear in the right column of each state page, within the blue (State Name) Finance tab – e.g., “Florida Finance.”

Information for MuniNet Guide’s Municipal Bond Calendar is provided courtesy of Raymond James Financial, Inc.