This fall, the Chicago Public School System launched the “Green for Grades” program, which provides financial incentives for students to earn good marks on their report cards. Students receive $50 for each ’A’ that they earn in English, Math, Social Studies, Science and even Physical Education.

The community-based web site similarly “encourages academic success” through financial rewards. Students sign up for an account, and then invite family and friends to sponsor them – much like they would for a walk-a-thon or other fundraising drive. Sponsors can contribute whatever amount they deem comfortable – as little as $5 per grade – for a specific student or cause.

In the interest of cost efficiency, students must raise $100 before they are issued a check. Funds can be sent to the student or the school, to be used toward tuition, books, or other related education expenses.

According to the web site, GradeFund, over 5,600 registered participants have registered to participate in the program to date.