Each month, MuniNetGuide.com offers visitors the opportunity to test their knowledge of cities across the country through its Know Your Cities contest.

In addition to a photo of a city’s skyline, streetscape, or landmark, MuniNet provides clues to help contestants identify a “mystery” city. Clues range from current events to famous residents, demographic and economic data, and historical facts and trivia.

The winner receives a National Geographic Adventure Edition Road Atlas, courtesy of Maps.com. The 168-page spiral-bound atlas includes detailed maps for all fifty states, in addition to profiles of national parks and outdoor activity guides for each part of the country.

Last month’s contest received a record number of guesses – and a surprisingly high number of correct guesses.

The contest, which featured a photo of New York City’s Union Square Park, was one of the toughest contests we’ve posted to date, says Mardee Alvaro, MuniNet Guide.com editor. “When people see a serene image like the one we posted, New York City is not the first city to come to mind!”

"Yet contestants rose to the occasion, with a higher-than-anticipated number of correct guesses."

To make the contest more interesting, MuniNet awards the prize to the nth person to correctly identify the mystery city. In the past, the first person to correctly guess the city was the person who won the prize, but we recently switched things up, says Alvaro. Now, each month, we vary the winning number – sometimes it is the fifth person to correctly guess, other times the tenth person, etc.

While people find the Know Your Cities contest from a variety of sources, MuniNet has a group of “regulars” who play the contest on a consistent basis – and that list of regulars is growing.

Test your knowledge of U.S. cities – and your luck! – by entering MuniNet’s Know Your Cities contest.