On Tuesday, February 5, more than twenty states will hold either primary elections or caucuses. We took an online tour of the many election sites hosted by a variety of sources, and the votes are in!

Our top three sites for information leading up to – and following – Super Tuesday are as follows:

  • CNN’s Election Center provides a Super Guide for Super Tuesday – a must-see site for a detailed rundown on the states that will be holding elections on that date. The “Super Guide” also features articles and videos highlighting the candidates and the issues at stake. The Election Center also shows which candidates have won in states where elections have already been held, as well as a resource guide to the prominent issues shaping this year’s presidential race.
  • The New York Times Election Guide is another top-notch resource for information on the candidates and issues, along with election results and a calendar of upcoming primaries and caucuses.
  • The National Conference of State Legislatures’ StateVote 2008 page provides a database of ballot measures circulating in 23 states, in addition to pre- and post-election party composition for each state.
  • Honorable Mention: A Stateline.org article entitled, “Governors Line Up Behind Candidates,” outlines which states’ governors have endorsed each of the various candidates.