Residents of Rocklin, California report that they spent the largest share of their back-to-school budgets on clothing and shoes, according to a recent poll on the City’s web site. The August 2007 poll, which asked residents to indicate their biggest back-to-school expenses, was the City’s most popular poll to date.

The online polling feature was added as a strategic part of the site’s redesign, which was launched last year, according to Dayna Amboy, Website Administrator for the City of Rocklin.

“An interactive website allows for a two-way conversation between the City and citizens,” says Amboy. “This conversation paves the way for improvements in the way that the City can serve its citizens.”

Some polls are intended for entertainment and general interest, while others are designed to solicit feedback from residents on a specific issue or city service.

Two polls in early 2007, for example, asked citizens for their input on the City’s Recreation Guide. “We used this feedback, along with other sources, to make sure the most important parts of the Guide were represented in its new redesign.”

Rocklin changes the topics of its polls change monthly, depending on current events and what’s going on in the community.

Harnessing the motto, “citizens online, not in line” the City of Rocklin redesigned its web site one year ago, with a main goal of enhanced customer service.

Rocklin is a very wired, tech-savvy community, and its new and improved web site reflects that level of sophistication.

Besides the online polls, the site is full of interactive, informative features. Visitors can search through city documents, take a virtual tour of the police and fire stations, view maps and compare features of local parks, submit a multitude of electronic forms – and more.

Its home page provides a quick snapshot of the city at a glance, with up-to-date economic and demographic figures, highlights “Cool Clicks” (links), and includes an interactive calendar.

We applaud the City’s use of its web site – not only as a portal for residents, businesses, and government – but also for providing a great source for local news and community pride!