From statistics on the average amount of credit card debt per resident to pollution emissions by county, Crain’s Chicago Business’ impressive Market Facts provides a wealth of data about the Chicago area.

The 2007 version of Market Facts – available online free of charge – is the product of a “ground-up redesign,” including video segments that complement more than 100 infographics contained in the feature.

One video showcases the Village of Gilberts, Illinois – deemed Chicago’s “fastest-growing suburb.” Gilberts, located about 45 miles west of downtown Chicago, has a projected annual growth rate of 16.7% over the next five years. Another video takes a look at the commuting habits of Chicagoans.

An interactive Skyline Tour highlights many of Chicago’s famous buildings and architectural treasures.

The site also includes a variety of interactive maps – a feature now expanded to include the six-county Chicago area.The maps can be viewed by theme – from educational attainment to median home value, population and commute times, to name a few. Users can then zoom in or out to cover a specific geographic area.

Infographics – charts, tables, and graphs that illustrate demographic trends and other statistics – are organized by category. The Health Care section, for example, provides data on leading causes of death, healthcare costs associated with weight, and health insurance premiums. Other categories include Small Business, Entertainment, Residential Real Estate, Technology, and more.

Matt Carmicheal, Research Director for Crain’s Chicago Business, sums it up best when he says that “the site is a great resource for companies considering establishing a business in the area, or looking to expand their customer base – but there’s also a great deal of data of general interest about Chicago’s demographics, economy, and more.”

We agree. Whatever your interest in the Windy City, this site is a must-see!