The pardoning of President Richard Nixon by President Gerald Ford was an historic moment in U.S. politics. But don’t worry if you missed the September 1974 speech – the History Channel web site ( offers a fantastic collection series of audio and video clips of renowned speeches from pivotal moments in our nation’s distant and more recent past.

In the Great Speeches section of its video gallery, provides an array of clips, from Robert F. Kennedy’s announcement of Martin Luther King’s assassination to President George H.W. Bush’s 1991 national televised address on the Persian Gulf War. The site also features speeches delivered by many international figures including Mohandas Gandhi and Winston Churchill.

Elsewhere on the site, “This Day in History” shows famous events and news stories from any given date. While the default is set to feature the current week, the site allows you to enter a specific date to see notable happenings from that day in history.

Special ’exhibits’ highlight specific events and figures – the Abraham Lincoln exhibit, for example, features a detailed biography, photos, trivia, quizzes, and more. The U.S. Elections exhibit explains the electoral college, highlights some of our nation’s more memorable elections.

The site also provides a topical index, divided into categories including science, culture, presidents, war and the military, among others.

Don’t miss the Games section of the site features e-cards, interactive quizzes, a Parthenon-building challenge, and more.

The web site is brimming with facts, figures, and stories. But a word of caution: if you plan to visit, prepare to be here a while … the discoveries are endless!!!