What is the age distribution of residents in the state of Oregon? What percentage of the population lives below the poverty line in Eau Claire, Wisconsin? How have these statistics changed over the past decade?

CensusScope -a powerful online tool that provides access to U.S. demographic data from the 2000 Census – can provide the answers to these questions, and more!

Utilizing charts, maps, and rankings, the site allows for easy comparison of demographic statistics between the 1990 and 2000 Census. In some cases, data goes back to 1960.

Users can retrieve data for a specific metro area, state, or the entire nation.

The site, a product of the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN), is particularly strong in its ability to display data in many forms – pie charts, bar graphs, tables, maps, and rankings. No need to download and sort data – this site will do it for you!

The Social Science Data Analysis Network is affiliated with the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan, under the direction of demographer Dr. William Frey.

Other SSDAN web sites include Dr. Frey’s home page (Frey-Demographer.org), which features commentary and analysis of demographic trends; and KIDSCOUNT in the Classroom, a program designed to introduce demographics in social studies classrooms.