The Bond Buyer has long been established as the eminent trade publication for the municipal bond industry. With its recent introduction of “The Bond Blogger,” the century-old publication took another step forward, this time offering an interactive medium that goes beyond reporting the news.

The Bond Blogger is a weblog (blog) that provides commentary and invites discussion of today’s top news stories related to municipal bonds and public finance. As is typical of this format, the Bond Blogger is informal in tone, offers opinions, and invites participants to weigh in on the issues at hand.

It scans the top news stories of the day, and highlights those deemed worthy of discussion. Since its launch, the blog has addressed Texas’ moratorium on private toll-road projects, post-employment benefits for municipal retirees, and layoffs in the municipal bond industry.

While both the print and online edition of The Bond Buyer require a subscription, The Bond Blogger is available free of charge, accessible to anyone with an interest in the municipal bond market. Lifting the subscription requirement for the blog allows a broader range of participation from a wide-ranging audience.