Residents of Los Angeles County who receive a summons to serve on a jury but cannot make it on their assigned date can now go online to request a postponement of their service. The Los Angeles Superior Court’s Jury Services web site allows jurors to reschedule their service for another week within a 90-day window. Those who are able to serve during their assigned dates can turn to the site for specific information on where and when to report for duty based on their jury identification and PIN numbers.

These two online services not only offer convenience to prospective jurors, but also help increase the accessibility of government. In addition, the clear guidelines provided throughout the web site – including instructions on how to use the online forms – help reduce the intimidation factor many citizens feel when they receive a jury summons.

The L.A. Superior Court says that while these tools are leading the way, more online services – e.g., the ability to qualify for jury service and complete juror affidavits – are on the horizon.

At the present time, the online system has not increased the number of jurors asking for a postponement. Whether people are not finding this option online, or are not Internet-savvy enough to use the service, most still use the automated telephone system to request a change.