Dallas introduced its redesigned web site earlier this month, with an emphasis on navigation and usability. Whereas its previous web site grouped content by city department, the new site organizes content by service or topic.

In addition to enhanced organization, the home page of the redesigned home page now features updated news and notices of upcoming city events. A new Services section conveniently links citizens most frequently requested city services – from city alarm permits to establishing new water service.

Anyone interested in municipal web site administration will likely find the materials devoted to the redesign very helpful. The project briefing presented to city council, which clearly delineates the goals of the redesign, highlights new features, and describes future plans is particularly well done.

While Dallas’ web site now boasts an updated look, the enhancements go beyond the surface. The site has been clearly stocked with the user in mind. Hats off to Dallas for an excellent revamping of its web site.