Thanks to the Internet, timely local news is more accessible than ever to citizens, visitors, and other parties interested in community updates. Many of today’s municipalities and other public sector agencies use their web sites as an efficient vehicle through which to disseminate current news.

With its new email alert system, however, the Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Office has taken the endeavor one step further, offering even greater convenience for county residents. Instead of continuously checking the web site to see what’s new, anyone interested in receiving updates can register for the free service. When a situation involving public safety takes place – whether a major crime is committed, road closure is announced, traffic accident occurs, or the security of the community is otherwise threatened – the Sheriff’s Office sends messages to registered users whose profiles indicate their interest in the event or announcement.

An alert distributed today, for example, asks for public input on a b-b or pellet gun rampage that damaged property in a county subdivision last week. Other notices have announced lane closures and alternate driving routes. The Sheriff’s Office is also distributing electronic “most wanted” posters through the system.

Hats off to the Will County Sheriff’s Office for implementing a cutting-edge alert system that takes advantage of “push” technology to put timely information directly in the hands of those who want it.

For more information, or to register for this service, click here.