The state of Colorado recently added a “live help” feature to assist residents and other interested parties efficiently navigate through its web site.

Because of the time of year, most frequently asked questions pertain to taxes. Other requests range from “How do I find out who my senator is?” to “Where can I go horseback riding?” While it is mostly Colorado residents who use the service, people from out-of-state also ask for guidance.

We took a “test drive” of the new feature, and were impressed with the quick response rate and friendliness of the representative with whom we chatted – and found the information she provided us to be very helpful.

Even though Colorado’s web site is easy to use and unintimidating, the ability to communicate with a “real person” online helps those who might not know where to start their search for information. The online help feature is a great enhancement to the service orientation of the web site.

Live help is offered 24/7, with the exception of holidays. Three people staff the desk at any given time.