Taking a brisk walk around the block in the middle of the work day isn’t always possible, and deep breathing simply eludes the stress-prone among us. If you’re looking for new and different ways to help defray the inevitable stress of daily life, you’ll appreciate the “Take Five” section of Fairfield Medical Center’s web site.

In addition to 40 quick tips designed to “de-stress and take control of your life,” the site also describes the “CALM” method of stress management (change, accept, let go, manage), and provides strategies for taking control of your life and decisions. The tips offered here are unique, and many focus on changing non-productive or destructive ways of thinking into positive beliefs and habits.

Fairfield Medical Center (FMC), located in Lancaster, Ohio, is a 222-bed acute-care facility that serves the central and southeastern part of the state. FMC also offers a great collection of exercise strategies (“Get Moving”), smart eating guidelines (“Snack Smart”) and tips on getting a good night’s sleep (“Rest Assured”) – all of which appear in the summer 2005 issue of its “Monitor” news bulletin.