Voters in California went to the polls on November 8 to cast their decision on eight statewide ballot measures. Governor Schwarzenegger has been in a hard fought battle with the public employee unions, especially the teachers, over Propositions 74, 75 and 76. Schwarzennegger lost each measure that he backed and the unions and Democratic party are declaring a mandate for their policy positions. The much publicized confrontation between the unions and Schwarzenegger has been at times bitter, with both sides emphasizing that the voter’s decisions will affect California for years to come. The Governor has promised to accept the will of the voters and vows to move forward with a positive agenda.

Proposition 77 called for a major reform of the existing redistricting process of legislative seats. California is well known for “gerrymandered” districts, which are very carefully crafted along economic, racial and political boundaries rather than geographic. Critics of these gerrymandered districts often decry the system being heavily weighted towards incumbents. Voters disagreed and overwhelmingly decided to uphold the existing districting process.