With the launch of its redesigned web site,) feature, users can search the database by sector, credit name, state or code, and then purchase individual credit financial and ratio reports in spreadsheet format for $50. Monthly observations, benchmarks, industry trends Merritt makes it a priority to collect annual financial data from municipal issuers on a timely basis. Benchmark Central provides updated credit sector medians based on key financial and operating statistics derived from the latest annual audited financials received that month. Typically, municipal related audits are made available about six months after the close of the fiscal year. About 20% of the expected fiscal year 2002 reports have been received and are included in the benchmark. Each month, new data is added to the system, and median values and benchmarks recalculated.

The Merritt Roll provides a discussion of notable trends in various credit sectors. Accompanying graphs help illustrate current industry trends, rankings and averages. Merritt does the work so you don’t have to In business since 1986, Merritt Research Services is the only organization in the country that provides key spreadsheet financial data for public sector related agencies using current financial audits.

Merritt not only gathers the data, but standardizes, aggregates and displays the reports using industry standard key ratios.

“We were the first company to allow users to access standardized financial reports related to a wide variety of municipal bonds. The data can be sorted, screened and aggregated to produce rankings, comparisons and trends in conjunction with our software partner, Investortools, via its Creditscope product” says Richard Ciccarone, President and Chief Executive Officer of Merritt Research Services.

Building a municipal credit database has been a challenging task because municipal credit reporting is not regulated in the same way as for corporations. We do that job for you. Merritt Research Services, Inc. Sectors covered:

  • Acute Health Care
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Airports
  • Tollroads
  • Public Electric Utilities
  • Joint Action Agencies
  • State General Obligation
  • Municipal Bond Insurance Companies