Last month, MuniNet Guide & Review reported that online coverage of state and local election results this past November was much better than it was four years ago.

Here’s one local success story:

David Davoust is president of Robis, Inc., the company that designed the DuPage County Election Commission web site, and handled the posting of election-night results.

According to Davoust, the DuPage County Elections site had 95,000 page views on election night alone – more than three times the traffic at the last election.

Bob Saar, Executive Director of the Election Commission reports that “the results on the Internet reduced phone calls to the election board effectively to zero.”

During the election, results were uploaded every few minutes, Davoust says.

While the number of web site visits and phone calls can be counted, the immeasurable value lies in the site’s ability to keep voters informed throughout the election.

Beyond election coverage, the site provides a variety of helpful materials for voters and candidates alike. Voter registration information (and an online application form), absentee voting procedures, and an online demonstration of the Accu-Vote Optical Ballot Tabulation System (used for the first time during this past election) help voters understand and participate in the election process.

Prior to the election, potential candidates could turn to the site for procedures, guidelines and forms.